Realistic Strategies to Achieve Success Skills

Tom Hoerr makes a real life connection with his audience when doing a presentation. He gives his audience realistic strategies to achieve success skills with their students. Tom also has a way of leaving a faculty feeling empowered, valued and motivated following his presentations. Our faculty was very ready to effect change after Tom’s The Formative Five presentation.

Margaret Karl, Lower School Principal
Visitation Academy, St. Louis, MO

Warm and Energized Delivery

As the ASCD Annual Conference Director for 10 years I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Tom Hoerr not only as a conference presenter but also as a participant on the ASCD Annual Conference Planning Committee and as the Developer and Co director of the ASCD Annual Conference Scholars Program. His evaluations have always indicated he was an outstanding and/or excellent presenter. The most important and most frequent comment participants spoke about was his extensive knowledge of his topic and his warm and energized delivery. Tom’s commitment to follow-up with participants after the sessions was consistently listed as a most valuable contribution Tom made to their learning and implementation. Just a few reasons why Tom has presented over 15 sessions at the Annual Conference.

Kathleen Burke, ASCD Annual Conference Director

Wit, Intellect and Warmth

School leader, writer, mentor, teacher, and mensch – Tom Hoerr fills all of these roles with wit, intellect, and warmth. I look forward to my opportunities to both read his work and work with him.

Claudia Daggett, President
Independent Schools Association of the Central States

An Excellent Resource

The Formative Five is an excellent resource to promote Social and Emotional Learning in schools by providing teachers resources and direction on how to teach success skills like empathy, self-control, integrity, embracing diversity, and grit. Social and emotional competencies are critical in promoting academic achievement and a positive school culture. In addition, the inter and intra personal competencies that the book helps students develop are essential for college and career success, and to effectively address predictable challenges in store for us in the future.

William Feldman, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
River Dell Regional District School

Well Researched, Articulate and Engaging

Learning Network NZ is an Education Centre based in Auckland providing professional learning for educators across New Zealand. We work with many educators from around the globe and Tom Hoerr is one of our stand out international presenters. Tom is a learner, educator, author, and thought leader who is well researched, articulate and engaging. He connects to his audience in a very practical way, sharing his many stories, examples and ideas for engaging learners effectively. Tom cares deeply about what is best for the learner, whether adult or student, and through his presentations, articles and books he inspires people to be the best that they can be. Tom is an outstanding professional who generously shares his knowledge, expertise and wisdom, making a difference in the lives of so many.

Faye Hauwai, CEO
Learning Network New Zealand

Years of Experience and a Genuine Heart

I had the fortunate pleasure of meeting Tom during my first year as Head of School at the Independent Schools Association of the Central States’ New Heads Network. I had no idea that he would, three years later, still be a constant resource for me as I navigate the waters of Headship! Tom has the perfect combination of skills and personality that comes from years of experience and a genuine heart to help school leaders. There is no situation that he isn’t familiar with or not willing to do the research to assist.

Tom facilitated our Board retreat last year and worked with me weeks in advance to ensure the retreat was beneficial for the Board as we prepared for our upcoming strategic planning year. His knowledge of the workings of independent schools and their governance is invaluable.

I am making his newest book mandatory reading for my Leadership Team!

Mercedes Z. Sheppard, Head of School
Morgan Park Academy, Chicago IL

Just What We Needed To Hear

As a National School of Character Dr. Hoerr’s Formative Five were just what we needed to hear and talk about as we continue our journey ensuring that the social and emotional well-being of our preschool students is our priority.

Jane Brown, Ed.D., Executive Director of Early Childhood
Rockwood School District, Chesterfield, MO

Fantastic Ideas

Dr. Hoerr met with our Trustees, our Head of School and our staff. He then developed a list of priorities for the Board of Trustees to help move our school to the next level. From the logistical to the visionary, from short term fixes to long term ambitions, he gave us many fantastic ideas. We used the list to develop an actionable blueprint for the year.

Katherine Umpleby, Chair, Board of Trustees
Peoria Academy, Peoria, IL

Challenging Your Thought Process

Tom’s insights and knowledge for educational leaders have – and continue – to influence our work. If you have the chance to work with Tom, or read some of his writings, you realize he is challenging your thought process and how it affects kids. Tom also balances the objective with the all-important subjective ideals. His philosophies continue to push the idea of developing students, without losing the focus that we are developing them into good people.

Shannon Howell, Director of Development
Severn School, Severna Park, MD

A Life Long Learner and Progressive Educator

Tom Hoerr is the true embodiment of what it means to be a life long learner and a progressive educator. He has dedicated his life’s work to helping schools improve and to making sure that kids have the skills they need to not just be successful students, but to be successful in life. Whether it is by reading one of his books or attending one of his presentations, there is no doubt that you will grow as an educator and as a person.

Patrick Fisher, Building Principal
Wild Horse Elementary School, Rockwood School District


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