Multiple Intelligences Newsletter, Vol 28, No 3

October 1, 2018

Greetings MI Fans,

What’s your strongest intelligence? If you’re like most people, two or three possibilities come to mind. You may even say, “Well, there are a couple that are equally strong.” While we each have a unique MI profile – some of our intelligences are stronger than others – we all have a few areas of MI strengths.

The fact that we possesses strengths in different intelligences has implications for educators. It means that teachers and principals need to understand learners’ MI profiles in order to include options in pedagogy and assessment. And it also means that other institutions should reflect that we each have many strong intelligences.

As an example of how this is taking place, this issue of Intelligence Connections contains an article from Howard Gardner’s OASIS website that focuses on how libraries have changed – evolved – to support MI and reflect how we learn. You’ll read about a school library (at New City School) and a public library (in Washington): MI Libraries. Thanks to Howard for featuring the article, his preface, and for his kind words about me.

Too, as you look around, you’ll note that television commercials typically appeal to different intelligences. They often feature attractive graphics, music, contain something that intrigues, and present people (or dogs!) in a way that resonates with our interpersonal intelligence. Rarely is a commercial laden in text and even more rarely is the message delivered by someone who stands and talks. Yes, the people who create commercials know that MI helps them appeal to viewers (even if they don’t know of MI!).

So, what you consider your MI strength(s)? I’d be delighted to hear from you.


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