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Multiple Intelligences Newsletter, Vol 33, No 5

May 24, 2024

MI is about human potential. MI is recognizes that we are all smart in different ways. Dear MI Readers (or “Student Advocates”), Happy spring! I write as most of the educators and parents I know are preparing for summer. The relatively less challenging pace of summer should be a time for relaxing and recreation. But summer should also be a time for reflection and rejuvenation. What have we learned and […]

Multiple Intelligences Newsletter, Vol 33, No 4

March 4, 2024

Greetings MI Fans, For years (since 1989!) this newsletter has featured the ideas of educators. Understanding that MI is a tool that can help students and teachers grow, I have cited the experts, including Howard Gardner, as well as others who have written about student success and intelligence. Of course, I often added the perspectives that I held from leading an MI school. I saw first-hand how using MI helped […]

Multiple Intelligences Newsletter, Vol 33, No 3

November 27, 2023

Dear MI Friends, This issue of Intelligence Connections offers thoughts from two teachers who used MI while working at New City School. No surprise, their testimony and enthusiasm speaks volumes! After all, who can speak better to the power of MI than those who taught with and through various intelligences and saw their students grow? Thanks to Eileen Griffiths and Joy Poole for sharing their experiences. First, though, while noting […]

Multiple Intelligences Newsletter, Vol 33, No 2

October 10, 2023

Dear MI Fans, What do MI teachers say? For more than 30 years, I’ve used this forum to share the power and potential of MI. Many experts have shared their thoughts and experiences, including Dr. Howard Gardner, the creator of MI. It’s hard to be more of an expert about MI than Gardner, right? Well, not totally. You see, while Howard is an expert for conceiving of MI, the teachers […]

Multiple Intelligences Newsletter, Vol 33, No 1

August 14, 2023

Greetings! This issue of Intelligence Connections features Howard Gardner’s reflections on 40 years of Multiple Intelligences. No surprise, his insights and candor are very interesting. But first, it’s August and a new school year is upon us. Let’s begin by thinking about the implications of MI for educators. Do we all learn the same? Nope, and the obvious answer to this question makes the case for the theory of multiple […]

Multiple Intelligences Newsletter, Vol 32, No 5

May 17, 2023

Dear MI Fans, AI & MI: Artificial Intelligence and Multiple Intelligences “What are multiple intelligences?” I asked ChatGPT, the new artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Within a few seconds it said: “Multiple intelligences are a theory of intelligence developed by Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner in 1983. It suggests that there are eight different types of intelligence: linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. Each type of intelligence is associated […]

Multiple Intelligences Newsletter, Vol 32, No 4

March 9, 2023

Hi MI Fans, Are you ready for Spring Break? A break should be a time for some reflection and relaxation, not simply catching up on tasks, so with the gift of some extra minutes, how about stepping out of your dominant MI? Yep, why not carve a 90-minute block or two so you can engage in an intelligence that isn’t your forte? (Me? I live linguistically so I’m going to […]

Multiple Intelligences Newsletter, Vol 32, No 3

January 14, 2023

Greetings MI Fans, This edition of Intelligence Connections features two articles, both of which highlight the value of Multiple Intelligences. The first refers to everyday use of MI and an article by Temple Grandin. The second article, “The Healthy Break: Kinesthetics in the Classroom,” that looks at the importance of exercise in learning. Margarita Mariana Falco, is by an English Language III at the EFL Teacher Training Program at Universidad […]

Multiple Intelligences Newsletter, Vol 32, No 2

November 20, 2022

Greetings MI Fans, This newsletter presents two perspectives on MI. First, I write about the hierarchy inherent in the terms “gifted” and “talented,” and argue that we need to expand how we think about “gifted” to include all of the intelligences. Special thanks to Megan Roegner, teacher of gifted students at Lindbergh High School (MO), for helping me ponder this issue. Any errors or misinterpretations, though, are mine. The second […]

Multiple Intelligences Newsletter, Vol 32, No 1

September 20, 2022

Greetings Fans of Multiple Intelligences, I hope that your school year has begun on a positive note. Covid hasn’t gone away but life seems getting back to normal in schools. However – and it’s a big however – our students’ scholastic progress slowed during Covid, and many educators have told me that there is a corresponding loss in students’ personal intelligences, their ability to manage themselves and relate to others. […]


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